Volleydork All-American Honors (NCAA 2023)

Quick preface: these rankings are built on numbers and nothing else - and players are more than numbers. I hope these "honors" can spark conversation, aid some VT diehards in their arguments, and just make folks curious about analytics in general. Please take these rankings with a grain of salt and the solace that numbers cannot capture the entire value a player brings to the court - and therefore these awards are inherently flawed. But I still think they're interesting, hence, I have posted them.

But without much further ado...

Player of the Year:

Sarah Franklin - Wisconsin, Outside Hitter

Freshman of the Year:

Olivia Babcock - Pitt, Opposite

1st Team

Andelyn Simkins - Western Michigan - Libero

Anna Smrek - Wisconsin - Opposite

Carter Booth - Wisconsin - Middle

Chiamaka Nwokolo - Pitt - Middle

Hannah Pukis - Oregon - Setter

Jill Gillen - Arkansas - Outside

Kami Miner - Stanford - Setter

Kendall Kipp - Stanford - Opposite

Kenna Sauer - Houston - Outside

Lexi Rodriguez - Nebraska - Libero

Liv Mogridge - Georgia Tech - Middle

Madisen Skinner - Texas - Outside

Marta Levinska - Arizona State - Opposite

Paige Briggs - Western Kentucky - Outside

Rachel Fairbanks - Pitt - Setter

Ramsey Gary - Indiana - Libero

Sarah Franklin - Wisconsin - Outside

2nd Team

Emma Monks - Pitt - Middle

Erin Livingston - BYU - Outside

Erin Powers - Northern Iowa - Libero

Gillian Grimes - Penn State - Libero

Izzy Ashburn - Wisconsin - Setter

Jess Mruzik - Penn State - Outside

Kara McGhee - Oregon - Middle

Kendra Wait - Creighton - Setter

Magda Jehlarova - Washington State - Middle

Melani Shaffmaster - Minnesota - Setter

Merritt Beason - Nebraska - Opposite

Norah Sis - Creighton - Outside

Olivia Babcock - Pitt - Opposite

Reagan Rutherford - Kentucky - Opposite

Skylar Fields - USC - Outside

Taylor Head - Arkansas - Outside

Yelianiz Torres - Tennessee - Libero

Honorable Mention

Abbie Jackson - Houston - Outside

Andi Jackson - Nebraska - Middle

Annie Cate Fitzpatrick - Florida - Outside

Annie Cooke - Houston - Setter

Argentina Ung - Washington State - Setter

Asjia O'Neal - Texas - Middle

Ava Martin - Creighton - Outside

Azhani Tealer - Kentucky - Middle

Bianca Bertolino - Georgia Tech - Outside

Caitie Baird - Stanford - Outside

Camryn Turner - Kansas - Setter

Cara Cresse - Louisville - Middle

Caroline Kerr - Tennessee - Setter

Devyn Robinson - Wisconsin - Opposite

Eleanor Beavin - Kentucky - Libero

Eva Hudson - Purdue - Outside

Georgia Murphy - Oregon - Libero

Jenaisya Moore - Tennessee - Outside

Julia Orzol - Wisconsin - Libero

Kate Georgiades - Houston - Libero

Kennedy Martin - Florida - Opposite

Khori Louis - Florida State - Middle

Maggie Cartwright - Arkanas - Opposite

May Pertofsky - Washington - Opposite

Morgahn Fingall - Tennessee - Opposite

Morgan Lewis - Oregon - Opposite

Raina Terry - Illinois - Outside

Rylee Rader - Ohio State - Middle

Sarah Kushner - Marquette - Libero

Shannon Shields - Arizona State - Setter

Sina Uluave - SMU - Libero

Torrey Stafford - Pitt - Outside

Valeria Vazquez - Pitt - Outside

Whitney Bower - BYU - Setter

If you've made it this far, I appreciate you.

For Outsides and Opposites, we used "total value" they bring to the team. This means we do not weigh their skillsets equally across their peers, but rather look at the overall total contribution of the athlete. This is why you see these rows ordered by MVP Value.

For Middles, Setters, and Liberos - we used "weighted impact per touch" to see who is the best at the position. This is different because it compares players with their peers using equal criteria. For example, if we used "total value" for setters, anyone in a 6-2 would basically be disqualified because they only accrue value during 3 rotations. I thought this method made the most sense for these positions - while "total value" made more sense for how we typically think about the OH and OPP positions in their workhorse capacities.

You are more than welcome to disagree with my methodology and thus inherently with my lists in general. But again, these are only to help spark discussion and hopefully propel the volleyball analytics conversation forward.