Top Middle Blockers in the NCAA (2022)

Looking back at the 2022 season, we see a strong mix of middles across conferences.

This chart is organized by who brought the most value over expectation, per attack last season.

Blocking Impact

When facing this particular middle blocker, how did opposing attackers do?

We see that Bowser, Robey, and Vicini - all of whom are around 6'1 - shone brightest in this metric.

Maybe these middles are a little quicker than their taller counterparts?

Able to collect positive touches more frequently?

Attack Eff Over Expected

This looks at the situations each middle was dealt. You'll notice some have higher expectations than others.

Playing in a weaker conference, UCF's Dillon was expected to hit 0.309 in her attempts.

In reality, her Resulting value was at 0.515, which is +0.206 above expectated, putting her 13th on the list.

Other players, like Minnesota's Carter Booth had much lower expectations.

This is likely due to the strength of Minnesota's opponents.

Even with that, Booth his 180 points above expecation.