Mid-Season Top Attackers in NCAA Men's Volleyball (2023)

We're about halfway through the men's NCAA season, so figured it would be a good time to see who's leading the charge offensively. Long Beach and Hawai'i certainly set the standard at the OH and MB positions, carrying the top spots in both categories. But UCLA's Ido David and Pepperdine's Jaylen Jasper have taken on larger roles this season and have produced great results for their respective teams so far.

Will keep this post short and let the chart speak for itself, but Jaylen Jasper needs a little recognition here. The guy has taken about 1/3 of Pepperdine's swings this season and is putting up massive numbers. His Expected Points Added (EPA) per attack is 0.078, meaning if the average opposite would give you a 70% chance to win in a given situation, Jasper would give you a 77.8% chance. While this isn't necessarily visible in a single swing - in the aggregate, it becomes real impressive.