Best Opposites in NCAA Men's Volleyball (2023)

Looking at the top opposites so far this season, there have been a consistent 3 atop the podium.

David, Jasper, and Mouchlias have hit for crazy productive numbers. Including ~200 points above expectation on average.

Where David and Jasper excel in terminating in-system balls, Mouchlias stands out for his ability to score OOS.

Hitting 0.235 above expected on OOS balls, Mouchlias has simply been an outlier on these charts when it comes to OOS offense.

David fits neatly into UCLA's well-spaced attack.

Of the top 3, he carries the lighest load - but produces whenever his number is called.

His consistency for UCLA, taking that sharper / outside-in approach, has really allowed more space for the rest of the team, as blockers struggle to contain what is arguably the fastest offense in the nation.

Jasper is carrying the most responsibility on his shoulders. He attacks 1 out of 3 balls for Pepperdine, the highest workload of the Top 10.

Because of this, his Total Expected Points Added far exceeds his neighbors on the podium, making him easily the most important opposite hitter to any team we've seen so far.

Have to recognize Schneider from Daemen, having himself a really productive season so far.

Great seeing Donnie's team really pressuring and taking down some of the established programs in men's volleyball this season!