2023 Men's NCAA Championship

A championship match worthy of the sport.

Huge congrats to Hawai'i for their historic run the last 4 years.

And to UCLA for claiming their 20th trophy for MVB.

Statistically, I think the best way to summarize is:

They are who we thought they were

For UCLA: 

  • JR Norris came off the bench with a massive serving and attacking night, adding +0.257 and +0.469pts above expected respectively
  • Ido David is always a strong attacker, but posted a huge blocking performance last night, slowing Hawai'i by nearly 600pts, that's crazy.
  • Alex Knight and Ethan Champlin are always steady in reception, attacking, and from the service line and kept Rowan in-system most of the night
  • Troy Gooch was who we thought he was, unfailingly great in reception, adding 0.142pts above expected per pass

For Hawai'i:

  • Guillherme Voss and Cole Hogland had their typically super productive offensive nights, hitting 200-300pts above expectation
  • Off night for Dimitrios Mouchlias's serving, but characteristically strong attacking (+136) and blocking performance (-0.207), and a reason why UCLA utilized Ido David so frequently in-system
  • Big night for Hawai'i defensively, with multiple players adding huge value digging tough balls
  • Jakob Thelle with a strong setting performance, but slower serving/attacking night compared to what we're accustomed to seeing from him